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An emerging possibility

With the ever rising cost of aviation fuel, most airlines around the globe come to the realize that reducing the overall aircraft weight to an operational minimum is a key component to cost reduction and profitability.

In the particular case of on board aircraft loading systems, these systems (depending on the complexity) can add well over 1,000 kgs to the MTOW of a single narrow body aircraft.

Studies have shown that removing such systems can save over EUR 75,000 per year per aircraft in fuel costs alone.

Additionally complex built-in, onboard systems have to be maintained by more expensive aircraft maintenance personnel and if a system issue is serious enough, it can cause aircraft delays or to be grounded all together. The Power Stow Rollertrack provides the same benefits as the onboard systems, but is ground based and therefore eliminates the cost associated with extra fuel burn and aircraft maintenance issues. Not to mention the extremely complelx logistics and high cost if the onboard system is based on ULDs.

Power Stow has developed quite extensive business cases which underline the above mentioned arguments. In order to serve our customers to the high level of quality and accuracy that Power Stow fames ourselves by, we prefer to develop each customer business case in close collaboration individually rather than presenting something generic.

Therefore please contact Power Stow directly in case you wish to pursue this opportunity together with Power Stow.

Proven quality

Power Stow has been in the market for more than 15 years. Tested and tried under harsh, everyday conditions, the Rollertrack Conveyor has proved its superior performance through cost-effective loading and offloading of passenger baggage on the ramp.

  • More than 1500 units sold worldwide
  • Recognized by HSE organizations
  • Operational in all weather conditions
Fast return on investment

Power Stow helps airport ground handlers to become faster and more efficient at loading & unloading bulk baggage and cargo, while improving working conditions for their people.

  • Significant operational savings
  • Higher productivity
  • No additional weight during flight
  • Lower injury costs associated with shoulder and back injuries
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